Website Design and Dev

Looking for a website to get a new design or feature, or even better a brand new website? You came to the right place!

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What we can do for you

Every single item listed here comes standard with every pricing plan we have. Lets see what we do!

Web Designs

We are going to collaborate on what your website will look like.

We want to get on the same page for your website.

Lots of Coding

After the meetings, we will develop the websites for you.

We will spend day and night to create your site.


Tests will take place to test the code and make sure everything is working smoothly.

Back Ups

We will back up your website files and server data to a physical hard drive for security measures.

We will take care of the backup files and treat them like diamonds.

Server Space

Your website will be on your server and running 24/7.

Maintainance will occur daily to make sure it is live.

Customer Support

We will be with you every step of the way and make sure every problem is handled.

We are always available for anything that you may need, regardless of priority status.

Lets start with the designing of a website!

We will begin to take notes of the things you would like on the webite. From there we will begin to sketch out a mock design and put it in Adobe XD. With the sketch, we can communicate on the next steps you would like to take.

After the designing, we will begin to code (our favorite part).

An initial file will be in a programming language that we will use to create your project.

Let's take a look at an example file:

Coding Picture

You can see in the file above that we break down each page into seperate files and at the end, we link everything up. In this picture, we used HTML5 and PHP to create the homepage for one of the websites we've developed.

After development, we will upload the website using a service similar to CPanel and continue to update/monitor the project.

All websites will be on our dedicated server with AWS and will be monitored daily with weekly backups to keep everything safe!