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Thinking of expanding your business to the smartphone app world? You came to the right place!

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What we can do for you

Every single item listed here comes standard with every pricing plan we have. Lets see what we do!


We are going to collaborate and sit down to discuss what features your app will have.

We want to have them same mindset on what will occur.

Lots of Coding

After the meetings, we will develop the app for you with XCode.

We will spend day and night to create your site.


Tests will take place to test the code and make sure everything is working smoothly.

We will use many Apple products ranging from older iPhones to the new iPhone X.

We will use iPads to test your app as well.

Back Ups

We will back up your website files and server data to a physical hard drive for security measures.

We will take care of the backup files and treat them like the priceless art in the Vatican.

Uploading to the App Store

We will work with the App Store Review Team to get your app on the App Store.

Customer Support

We will be with you every step of the way and make sure every problem is handled.

We are always available for anything that you may need, regardless of priority status.

Lets start with the designing of the App!

We will use pen and paper to get a basic overview of the app.

  • Listing the features you want.
  • Drawing the different pages you want.
  • Discussing how each screen connects to other screens with buttons.
  • Ideas on what each screen will say.

After we have completed the designing stage, we will begin to code (our favorite part).

We will start by opening up XCode and starting a file in the language Swift. Objective C and Swift are the only two languages that are used to make iOS apps.

Let's take a look at an example file:

Swift Coding Picture

You can see in the picture that we are using swift to create an app. You can find the rest of the app on our GitHub page.

After the development phase is over, we will work with the App Store Review Team to get the app live and ready for download.