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What we can do for you

Hosting and Domain services come standard with every pricing plan we offer!


We have storage to keep every piece of data that is created on your website or app.

SSD storage will keep your data moving very fa-desktop.


We keep your privacy a top priority and with the AWS servers on our side, your data will be secure.

All servers have top of the line security with firewalls in place.

Domain Security

We will have Whois domain protection as a standard for website security.

SSL Certificates will be used on your website keeping it safe from harm.


  • Storage options range in amounts of gigabytes or GB.
  • We will take the files we have created for the website and use a version of CPanel to upload them to the internet.
  • Your website and app files will be stored on a Virtual Private Server or (VPS).
  • Hosting security will be far greater than on an shared server.
  • You can either buy a domain name or we can buy one for you.

Domain Security

  • Websites that are for personal use or for a business will have website security.
  • A SSL Certificate will give you a "lock" icon next to your domain.
  • SSL Certificates are up to a 256 bit encryption and from a key legnth of 2048.
  • Your website will have Whois protection allowing you to avoid scammers calling your cell phone all the time.